Take Me Higher

Take Me Higher – Crystallized Sculpture



“Oh, com’on, why can’t hedgehogs rise above the ground so easily? These wings are too small for me… If only there would be someone, who could take me higher…

– Hey…

– Who’s that? 

– Take a look at the sky, it’s me — Moon.

–Oh, really! I’m so jealous of you, to be honest… You spend all night levitating…

– Hm…you know, since no one is looking, I can help you. Dreams exist to become true, my friend, don’t they?”

Measurements (LxWxH) 5.5in(14cm) x 5in(12cm) x 8in(20cm) / 23in(59cm) including string

Materials: polymer clay, metal, pigments, acrylics, natural crystals grown directly on the sculpture