About Artist

“When we were about three years old, my friend and I grabbed a bag of crackers and went in search of a fairy tale. We didn’t have a shadow of a doubt about our quest. Despite our young age, I still remember this feeling clearly. We couldn’t imagine that the way did not exist. In fact, we already knew what would be waiting for us once we entered the fairy tale — and we had a clear plan of action. Thanks to our parents, the journey was interrupted. Quite upset, we decided that, when we grew up and didn’t have to listen to our parents, we would definitely embark on a fairy tale again.”

Svetlana Matveeva is a mixed media artist with a passion for fantasy worlds behind HandmadeHome. Using polymer clay and crystallization processes, she combines nature, chemistry, and fantasy to sculpt dreamy beings from another dimension. The Unknown, which is very close but still not discovered, is reflected in Svetlana’s work. Just like dreams, her creations come to us from another dimension and are woven into reality, interacting with us through feelings and visual images. Svetlana tries to reveal invisible dimensions inside our habitual world and explore the infinities of reality and consciousness.

Svetlana creates whimsical flora and fauna by taking natural forms found in nature and infusing them with emotions and moods. With these magical ingredients, she gives life to their feelings and reveals fragments of their being.

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Artist Statement

The mystery behind the nature of reality has always enticed me. What are we capable of as conscious beings within this reality and beyond? I search for the hidden magical door — the door to our real Home — and the fairy who guides our path. I believe that the way lies through nature and imagination, threads extending beyond this reality. I find that nature is the most mysterious and magical part of our world. It amazes me endlessly with its great wisdom. Nature is an endless inspiration for my art.

It should be no surprise, then, that my work adopts shapes and textures from wildlife. Often, my creations are at the same time beings and plants. They are like dreams disappearing in a moment…too dreamy to be real, but too real to be questioned. The crystals that I grow directly on the sculptures resemble a magical concentrate, frozen in the doorway of reality—a wise yet invisible hand carefully creating a crystal structure, molecule by molecule. Isn’t it magic?


Svetlana is the solo artist behind HandmadeHome. Born in Russia, she became an artist at an early age. Indeed, for as long as she can remember, she has had art tools in her hands. And, for just as long, she has believed in and found miracles all around her.

Because she is a tireless researcher and experimenter by nature, Svetlana’s craft is self-taught, particularly sculpting. Her mother taught her to sew, which led her to create outfits based on her own designs during her school years. She also enjoyed drawing and often shared her gift with her classmates, who were always eager to own an original, even if the notebooks they were drawn on were falling apart.

Svetlana received a university education in a completely different field. But she has never broken her connection with art. In 2006, she graduated with a degree in Interior Design, but soon realized that she didn’t have enough time to pursue her art. So she decided to follow her heart and develop her skills. She has always looked for ways to better implement her ideas by, for instance, taking photography, painting, and digital courses. For several years, she even worked with glass mosaics, art jewelry, polymer clay, and textile sculptures.

After developing skills in the areas that really inspired her, she combined them with her artistic vision. Whatever medium she used, she continued to view her work through the prism of fantasy and magic.

Currently, Svetlana is focused on mixed media sculptures. She is still using a range of materials, but polymer clay is her preference. Crystals grown directly on her sculptures have become an exciting part of her work.


Svetlana’s work is regularly highlighted by the press. In addition to other printed and online resources, her art has been featured in



Aforartistic magazine

Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine

Polymer Week Magazine


2022 March -Arch Anemy Arts “Spotlight Showcase”, Philadelphia, PA, US

2024 February -Arch Anemy Arts “CELESTIAL” group exhibition, Philadelphia, PA, US

May 24th – June 16th 2024 – Arch Anemy Arts “BRINGS MAY FLOWERS II” group exhibition, Philadelphia, PA, US

July 12, 2024 – Nanny Goat Gallery “Ephemeral” Grand Opening, Petaluma, CA, US

Svetlana is an ambassador of Cosclay

Her works can be found in private collections all over the world