Grandma's Garden - Romantic Vintage Real Flower Jewelry


Grandma's Garden - Romantic Vintage Real Flower Jewelry

The story

A little story about how to stop the time. How to hold the magic moment of flower life that only blooms for a few hours.
The warmth of grandma’s home and beauty of colorful flowers in her garden. That makes the heart feel like summer… A beautiful nostalgic jewelry collection with natural pressed flowers… with love to all grandmas.

The real flower Jewelry Collection inspired by the old times. The name of the Grandma's Garden Jewelry reflects an idea of design. This is an attempt to evoke a feeling of light nostalgia. I'd like to create a piece with a story inside, possibly a story of whole life. The jewelry which makes you want to touch it, to feel it. This is like a close to the heart story you could recollect with the smile endlessly. I think our grandmas or great-grandmothers could have accessories like these pieces. The romantic, innocent and playful jewelry design carries away to old days when our grandmothers were the young ladies. Such jewelry could be very appreciated thing for its charming owner. Not because it was expensive but because it was a memory of dear to heart moments. That is why the piece has been carefully kept. The shabby surface lets us know that the accessory was always together with its owner 

The making

Grandma's Garden Jewelry handcrafted of real flowers only. I grow flowers in my garden and collect in the forest. All flowers keep natural unusual colors. The flowers in my jewelry pieces are covered with a durable and crystal clear top layer. This layer protects natural flowers very reliably and keeps perfect transparency all time. Botanical name of plants is engraved in Latin. The elegant original frames created curl by curl by hand.



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