Fairy Flowers Jewelry


Fairy Flowers  - The Magical Jewelry
The story

There are many things in out world which haven't got names yet. Phenomenon without touchable shape, color, and voice. But anyway you can feel them. There where words come to an end and usual lines blur the true magic begins. Look bypassing the words and you will see. An amazing bright world of fancy, wise and kind creatures which are sending light and clear miracles to our world.
The Spirits from another invisible world. This world is a home for lots of unusual and kind magical Creatures. An incredible world of Fairies, Spirits and Elves. Their closed eyes see much more then possible to see. They see their daydreams become reality. They see infinite quantity of worlds behind eyelids. Creatures look at the world of people and really wish to make it more joyful. So they begin to materialize in our world and become visible for us. But not in their real form. Inside our world they have a shape of Fairy Flowers. The Fairy Flowers search people who need their help. And then they send their magic which  brings light and love.
These jewelry pieces are only a three-dimensional echo of the magical world. But they are also the messengers, the door which connects both of worlds. Faerie spirits are watching and feeling our planet through the Fairy Flowers jewelry. As well you can feel the magical Fairy Flowers world through it. Just close your eyes and move where words lose their meaning... 

Maybe our world is only just one of their dreams ....Maybe someone is looking for you right now...

The making 

Each Fairy Flower piece is one of a kind. Each jewelry piece is carefully crafted by hand including smallest details, there are no two pieces exactly the same. I use polymer clay with wonderful, satin matte surface. Each petal is textured as natural petals are. That gives realistic appearance for spirits, they really look alive.So every Creature has its unique features. As it should be ;)  



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