Botanist In Love Jewelry


Botanist In Love - Real Rose Petals Jewelry

The story

What could a botanist do if his heart is full of love?  

The jewelry pieces made of real rose petals. 

A little funny and shy but infinitely touching hopeless romantic. Who puts all his love into unusual jewelry pieces for his beloved one.  He loves and he creates. 

… A little story which inspires to accomplishment.

The making

  This jewelry collection is a result of five years crazy experiments and contemplation:) I create the Botanist In Love jewelry from real rose petals. Each jewelry piece is absolutely unique. Just because you'll never find two identical petals on all the world. 

It is always unpredictable and unique like nature itself.

I combine rose petals with polymer clay. Polymer clay is very strong material that allows to keep petals save and sound. Also it is very light material. Even large earrings are lightweight and they will never bore your ears.

I use two types of covering to protect and seal the petals: matte and glossy. Both are crystal clear and keep natural petal look for many years. Both are identically strong. The only difference is the look they give for petals. Matte is almost invisible. Really it is difficult to realize there is any cover on petal. It looks extremely natural like a real petal is. Glossy makes petal's texture deeper and shiny. Like you look trough clear water.
Well, here are images to compare how they look like. You can click on to zoom.
I'm often asked about the color. Petals are natural material and over time, petals color can vary slightly. After five years of observing I can say that veins become more contrast. And that truly makes petals more enchanting. Condition of pigments depends on kind of flower and how it spent its life. Most part of pieces I made have never changed their color within those years of experiments. A little part became slightly lighter but still colored. Actually that doesn't matter, they still look amazing.

This is the only kind of jewelry I don't take custom orders for. Sorry, but this is just impossible. But you can keep your eyes on my updates to know when new pieces are ready for purchase. Anyway I'm welcome custom orders for another kinds of jewelry.

All materials are save for skin and body.



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