Botanist In Love Jewelry


Botanist In Love - Real Rose Petals Jewelry

The story

What could a botanist do if his heart is full of love?  

The jewelry pieces made of real rose petals. 

A little funny and shy but infinitely touching hopeless romantic. Who puts all his love into unusual jewelry pieces for his beloved one.  He loves and he creates. 

… A little story which inspires to accomplishment.

The making

 I create the Botanist In Love jewelry from real rose petals. Each of jewelry pieces is absolutely unique. It's really impossible to find two identical flower petals on all the world. 

I combine rose petals with polymer clay. The result is always unpredictable and unique like the nature itself. The polymer clay gives a high strength for regular usage. I use a reliable coverage to protect and seal the petals. The coverage is crystal clear and keeps natural petal look for many years. Rose petals always look perfectly and amazing. All materials are ecologically save

Real rose jewelry is available for purchase
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