Textile art

Even if you are a small shabby elephant.... just believe and you will be able to become a butterfly!

What is your true Dream? The unbelievable Dream you could only imagine. Something that you could never assume to get... But one day this will be happened. Maybe not right now and not right here. Maybe in absolutely improbable way. But it will. All you need is just to believe. That is the only key which makes all doors open. Forever and always.

Magical art Elephants with hand painted butterfly ears-wings for all Daydreamers and Believers. The ears-wings are movable, as well all four paws and head. Each magical Butterfly-Elephant is created by hand and can be customized. You can choose your own design devoting it to a precious moment of life, important things or just paint with colors you love... Anything else? Well, I'm always open for all your Dreams! Please, feel free to share all your ideas with me. You can also find custom options in item descriptions in my shop.  Usually it takes me 2-3 week to make a new one of kind toy. But actually making time can be differ, so please contact me .  

Magical Butterfly-Elephants with hand painted and movable ears 
in my 

The Elephant's Stories

Magic stories which were born while I was making Butterflies-Elephants

Sorry if I made a couple mistakes... English is not my native:) 



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